A-Level/GCSE Applicant

How do my A-level grades compare to points?

Best 3 4th subject
A-Level A-level AS
A * 180 60
A 150 50 30
B 130 45 25
C 100 35 20
D 65 20 15
E 45 15 10


  • A maximum of four different recognised subjects, which are not mutually exclusive may be counted.
  • If 4 A-levels are presented the 4th is scored at a lower rate.
  • Applicants are scored on the basis of their best four A-levels, or three A-levels and an AS level in a different subject from the same or preceding year.
  • Grades in the same subject in A2 and As level cannot be combined.
  • Only A-level grades awarded at the same date can be considered for computation (Summer and Winter results cannot be combined). UCD will accept A-level subjects presented in the Modular format provided that the results required for admissions issue simultaneously.
  • AVCE subjects are not accepted for matriculation or entry purposes. UCD does not currently accept vocational or applied subjects.
  • In 2016, 25 additional points will be awarded for a grade E or better in Mathematics at A2 level. This will apply to only ONE mathematics subject of Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Pure Maths where that subject is one of the four subjects being counted for points purposes. NB Mathematics and Pure Mathematics cannot be counted separately for points purposes.
  • These indicative points are guidelines only. In the case of high demand programmes such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, a numerus clausus may operate. Numerus Clausus: In very high demand courses, such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the proportions of eligible applications coming from the Leaving Certificate and A-Level examination systems (or, in some cases, equivalent EU systems), are determined. Places on the course in question are then offered to eligible applicants coming from each respective examination system group on the basis of ranking within their group.