CAO Points 2019

CAO Points Required for Entry to UCD in 2019**

DN100 Architecture: 473
DN120 Landscape Architecture: 353
DN130 City Planning and Environmental Policy: 367
DN150 Engineering: 511
DN200 Science: 521
DN201 Computer Science: 488
DN230 Actuarial and Financial Studies: 577*
DN250 Agricultural Science: 420
DN252 Dairy Business: 398
DN253 Agri – Environmental Sciences: 403
DN261 Food Science: 434
DN262 Human Nutrition: 493
DN271 Forestry 303
DN272 Horticulture Landscape and Sportsturf Management: 252
DN300 Veterinary Medicine – Undergraduate Entry: 567
DN301 Veterinary Medicine – Graduate Entry: #N/A
DN310 Veterinary Nursing: 441
DN400 Medicine – Undergraduate Entry: 735*
DN401 Medicine – Graduate Entry: 59*
DN410 Radiography: 507
DN420 Physiotherapy: 542
DN425 Health and Performance Science: 488
DN430 Sport and Exercise Management: 436
DN440 Biomedical Health and Life Sciences: 565
DN450 General Nursing: 398
DN451 Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated): 462
DN452 Midwifery: 409
DN453 Mental Health Nursing: 379
DN520 Arts: 336
DN530 Humanities: 348
DN541 Modern Languages: 348
DN600 Law: 520
DN610 Business and Law: 521
DN650 Commerce: 498*
DN660 Commerce International: 507
DN670 Economics and Finance: 601
DN700 Social Sciences: 388
DN710 Economics: 476
DN720 Psychology: 517
DN750 Social Policy and Sociology: 330

** Points listed above represent the final points for any given subject.

* All applicants with a score greater than this were offered, but it was not possible to offer to all applicants with this score and random selection was applied.

AQA indicates that all qualified applicants were offered a place.

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