Crop Science

BAgrSc (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

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Why is this course for me?

Agronomy is the science of crop production and soil management, leading to improvements in crop yield and quality. Environmental challenges, production of biofuels, and the growing demand for major food crops like wheat and rice, make agriculture and crop science a vital subject for our future well-being. You will learn about the science, production and management of crops, from genes and cells through to fields, farms and the development of future crops from subject experts who are active researchers in the most rapidly developing area of agriculture and agribusiness.

Course Pathways
What Will I Study

First year concentrates on developing the basic sciences, before the focus moves to more applied sciences.

First Year

  • Animal Biology & Evolution
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Mathematics for Agriculture
  • Physics for Agricultural Science
  • Agricultural Economics & Business
  • Introduction to Biomolecules
  • Cell & Plant Biology
  • Information Skills
  • Optional Modules

Second Year

  • Soil Science
  • Microbiology
  • Agricultural Botany
  • Arable Crop Production
  • Business Management

Third Year

  • Plant Diseases
  • Pesticide Use
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Control of Weeds
  • Soil Science
  • Nutrition
  • Professional Work Experience (PWE)

Fourth Year

  • Farm Business
  • Cereal Production
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Forest Production
  • Emerging Crop Pathogens
  • Climate & Soils
  • Plants & Diets

Students spend an average of 40 hours a week attending lectures and tutorials, participating in laboratory-based practicals and undertaking independent study.

A combination of continuous assessment and end-of-trimester written examinations is used. Certain modules also require project work.

For detailed information on subject content click here.

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International Study Opportunities

A 16-week period of structured PWE takes place in third year and may be a combination of on farm, agri-business and research centre placements. PWE can be taken in Ireland or abroad.

The course is designed to allow you to take the Autumn Trimester aboard in third year in an international university such as:

• Kansas State University, USA
• Texas A&M University, USA
• Purdue University, USA
• Michigan State University, USA
• Cornell University, USA

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

The potential opportunities for graduates are in a wide variety of areas such as

• Agribusiness
• Brewing and malting sectors,
• Crop advisory work for state organisations
• Private consultancy
• Financial services

This is also a very suitable degree if you intend to pursue full-time farming or combine part-time farming with a professional career. Research opportunities to master’s and PhD level are available.

Other Entry Routes

“UCD has partnered with the leading agribusiness company, Origin Enterprises plc to develop the next generation of digital tools for use by the farmer and agronomist. CONSUS is a €17.6m programme over 5 years, which is jointly funded by Science Foundation Ireland and Origin Enterprises. CONSUS, is a collaborative research programme focused on the application of precision agriculture to crop production with a particular emphasis on optimisation of agri-food production systems leading to more efficient food production with lower environmental impacts. The outcomes from this research programme will deliver a step-change in crop agronomy tools and practices, leading to enhanced global competitiveness and inform teaching on the new Crop Science degree programme.”

Professor Kevin McDonnell, Programme Director

Contact Information

Professor Kevin McDonnell

UCD Agriculture and Food Science School Office,
Agriculture and Food Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4

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