Course Information

BSc (Engineering Science) (NFQ Level 8) leading to ME (NFQ Level 9) or BE (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

Full Time - Undergraduate Studies

CAO Code: DN150
CAO Points Range 2021: 520-625
Length of Course: 3 Years (BSc) (Hons) + 2 Years (ME) or 4 Years (BE)
Average Intake: 265

Leaving Certificate:
  • H4 in Mathematics
  • H6 in a laboratory science and
  • O6/H7 in English, Irish and two other recognised subjects

Special Entry Recommendations 

It is recommended that the Laboratory Science subject should be one of Chemistry, Physics or Biology

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Why is this course for me?

At UCD, we offer the widest possible choice of engineering disciplines and are committed to the on-going development of both discipline specific and interdisciplinary teaching and research. We provide a rigorous education in the fundamental engineering subjects and help you to develop problem-solving and design skills, based on maths and physics. As a UCD Engineering student, you will enrol in a common first year, which allows you to gain an understanding of the many different engineering disciplines available, before being offered an unrestricted choice of specialisation, subject to health and safety based capacity constraints. We have the widest range of degree choices in the country and, after completing this common first year, you can choose your second year pathway from one of the following:

Your chosen area of specialisation in second year will also offer routes to further branches of engineering at a master’s level. The range of study and career opportunities that can be accessed through our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree options is illustrated on the ‘Studying UCD Engineering’ diagram. You can choose a Bachelor of Engineering Science, BSc [3 years], a Bachelor of Engineering, BE [4 years] or a Master of Engineering, ME [5 years).

Since 2013, the educational standard for the professional title of Chartered Engineer (Engineers Ireland) has been an accredited Master’s degree programme in engineering or equivalent. In the School of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, the 4-year BE degrees are designed to meet the educational standard for the professional title of Chartered Engineer, through the Institution of Chemical Engineers [IChemE].

Key Fact:
All of the ME Programmes have an embedded internship element.

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

A world of opportunity awaits you as a UCD Engineering graduate and, as our programmes are professionally accredited, they are fully recognised internationally.

You’ll be able to establish a career in many sectors, including:

  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Energy/Clean technology
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Information & Communications technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Research.

You’ll be equipped with a mindset and skills that will make you an asset to any employer. The Engineering education offered by UCD is recognised by the world’s top companies. In addition to our wide range of BE degrees, UCD has numerous graduate programmes including taught Master’s degrees with specialisations in:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biosystems & Food Engineering
  • Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering
  • Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electronic & Computer Engineering
  • Engineering with Business
  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Optical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering with Architecture

There are also research programmes available to students at both Master’s and PhD level.

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“If you have an enquiring mind, a desire to innovate and develop solutions to problems that have real social, societal and economic impact, you will find an engineering education both stimulating and rewarding. Whether your interests lie in agri-food, business, communications, energy, healthcare, materials, pharmaceuticals, physical infrastructure, transport or water, there is an option within UCD Engineering that will suit you.

With international leaders in the fields of engineering, the programmes will provide you with core knowledge in the subject, an expectation of attaining excellence and the development of your capacity for independent and creative thinking, problem solving and leadership in your chosen speciality.”

Professor Aoife Ahern, Dean of Engineering

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