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Dean of Radiography: Prof. Louise Rainford

UCD Radiography Courses

Do you care about helping others with your skills and knowledge? Radiography is a caring profession that also calls for considerable technological expertise. It has come a long way since its birth in 1895, when X-rays were discovered. Today it is central to modern healthcare systems and involves working with rapidly evolving technologies – with patient diagnosis, treatment and care at its core. Radiography also offers graduates exceptional employment opportunities and exciting pathways for progression and further study.

Why UCD Radiography?

  • UCD is one of Europe’s leading centres of excellence for radiography and diagnostic imaging. You will follow an innovative curriculum that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern healthcare. The programme is delivered in a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary environment, by expert staff from within the School and throughout our nationwide clinical training network. You will become an integral part of the department team, working alongside radiography colleagues and other health professionals to learn and refine your professional skills.
  • From early in first year you will have access to modern imaging and clinical education facilities in UCD’s Health Sciences Centre. You will develop knowledge of all aspects of medical imaging and image evaluation, and learn how to care for patients, how to perform examinations and how to provide high levels of radiation protection. Such knowledge and skills will ensure that you have acquired complete professional competence upon graduation.


  • This programme is currently the only diagnostic radiography programme recognised by CORU, the Irish Health and Social Care Professionals Regulatory Body, as an approved programme.


First Year Experience in UCD Radiography

As a first year Radiography student you will be introduced to the concepts of radiation science and technology, human anatomy and radiographic techniques. You will experience interdisciplinary teaching and share some modules with Medicine, Physiotherapy and Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences students. You will also have your first patient contact in one of our many affiliated teaching hospitals, gaining hands-on experience of using diagnostic imaging equipment. By the end of the year you will have a grasp of many basic radiographic techniques and a clear indication of what lies ahead in the programme. These are your first steps on the road to becoming a healthcare professional and an expert in your field.

First year also provides you with the opportunity to pursue healthcare or other elective modules, and to experience everything university life has to offer.

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