Computer Science

Course Information

BSc (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

Full Time - Undergraduate Studies

CAO Code: DN201
CAO Points Range 2021: 542
Length of Course: 4 Years
Average Intake: 115

Leaving Certificate:
  • O2/H6 in Mathematics
  • O6/H7 in English, Irish and three other recognised subjects


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Choosing Computer Science

Why is this course for me?

Do you ever wonder how Google, Skype, Internet banking or computer games work? Would you like to develop the next generation of cutting-edge computing technologies? If you’re a logical thinker who likes problem solving and you enjoy subjects like mathematics, a degree in Computer Science could be for you.

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

A UCD Computer Science degree equips you with the necessary skills to work as a computer programmer, software engineer or architect, database designer, web developer, network engineer, systems administrator or manager, and IT consultant. Some graduates also go on to start their own companies. With a BSc in Computer Science, you’re also eligible to pursue graduate study in computer science and in related areas, such as business, mathematics and engineering. Graduates also pursue research in computer science through PhD programmes in UCD or other institutions.

What Will I Study

Topics include advanced software engineering, theory of computer science, networks, security and the underlying mathematics behind logic and formal software. Students learn programming languages such as Java; software development tools and methodologies such as Git; web technologies such as JavaScript; and Big Data programming techniques. Students will use different operating systems.

First Year

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Elective module

Second Year

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Elective modules

Third Year

  • Computer Science
  • Five-month internship or software engineering project
  • Elective modules

Fourth Year

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science project

Timetables & Assessment

Each student will have their own timetable based on their individual module selection. This is a full time course and classes may include lectures, practicals and tutorials, depending on the subjects. Students will also be expected to study independently (autonomous student learning). Assessment varies with each module but may comprise continuous assessment of practicals, written exams and online learning activities.

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International Study Opportunities

Universities that students have visited to date include the University of Auckland, New Zealand, the University of California, Irvine, USA, and Fudan University, Shanghai, China.


“In school I was very interested in Maths and problem solving. After I found out more about Computer Science, I realised that it could provide me with an outlet for my love of problem solving with a practical element too. I picked UCD because I liked that their degree had more software elements than others, whilst still remaining balanced. For my Final Year project, I chose to develop a web application called Helping Hand. It connected people with others in their locality to get help with small favours such as asking for a drop of milk. After graduating I took up a position with Deloitte Ireland in their consulting department after previously completing an internship with them. Since then I’ve worked on different delivery teams in a large public sector client primarily in a full stack development role.”

Clíodhna Connolly, Graduate

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