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Why UCD Arts & Humanities?

UCD is the leading centre for Arts & Humanities in Ireland. We are home to a worldrenowned community of more than 200 academics and researchers who will help you acquire expertise in your subjects of choice. We provide a first-class education across 27 different subjects, which can be studied through three distinct BA degree courses: Joint Honours, Humanities and Modern Languages. We are ranked 49th in the world for English Language and Literature, and in the top 100 universities for History (QS World Rankings 2019).

Our students develop a rich variety of portable skills and in-depth knowledge to become experts in research, critical thinking, evaluation, problem solving and decision making. Our alumni play a vital role in Irish intellectual, cultural and business life, and work in senior roles across a full spectrum of industries including education, media, government, the arts, and, increasingly, in Dublin’s thriving global technology and financial sectors.


DN520 – Joint Honours [3 Year]

Our long-established 3-year degree provides an excellent foundation for a range of further study and career options. Joint Honours students choose from a portfolio of 25 different subjects which can be studied in different combinations.. Popular combinations include English and History, Film Studies and French, Music and Irish.

This programme is ideal for students who want the freedom and flexibility to chose their preferred combination from UCD’s unrivaled range of 25 individual subjects offered through this degree. On their CAO application, students select DN520 and indicate the two subjects they wish to study.

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Please note that in a Joint Major degree (for example, History and English), students take an equal number of modules in both subjects. In a Major/Minor degree (for example, Music & Philosophy), students take more modules in their Major subject (e.g. Music).

DN530 – Humanities [4 Year]

Humanities is an innovative, interdisciplinary and multi-subject degree that offers 11 defined courses. It provides coherence and depth to student learning within a carefully structured framework of related subjects. The Humanities degree has the added benefit of offering you ways to diversify your skills. In 3rd year, students can enhance their expertise and broaden their horizons by choosing from a range of options. You can apply for an internship, study abroad, deepen your knowledge of your subjects or undertake a research project.

DN541 – Modern Languages [4 Year]

This 4-year degree is designed for students who wish to study at least two languages, choosing from French, German, Italian and Spanish. Students will develop an advanced linguistic ability in addition to a sophisticated level of cultural competence, enabling them to communicate fluently in a broad range of professional and social contexts. Critically aware and open to alternative ways of thinking, our Modern Languages students are equipped to live and work effectively in a multi-lingual environment and all take a year abroad at one of our partner universities in their 3rd year.

Your First Year Experience

The Arts and Humanities undergraduate programmes are designed to help students settle into life in UCD as quickly as possible. Comprehensive advisory sessions are held at the beginning of your first year, where lecturers and advisers will help you choose the best modules for you.

During Orientation Week, our Peer Mentoring programme sees all first year Arts and Humanities students linked with relevant second or third year Arts and Humanities students. Peer Mentors will help you to get to know the ropes around UCD and answer all your questions. They offer great advice and will support as you start your college life.

Experienced lecturers and tutors work across every subject in the BA programme to bring you world-class learning in a dynamic environment. Along with our dedicated Programme Office and other support staff, they will also provide assistance throughout the year for any student who seeks advice on their pathway through UCD Arts and Humanities.

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