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Arts & Humanities

Exploring what has shaped our societies, understanding how people communicate, discovering how to imagine and argue for change: these are vital tasks of the Arts and Humanities. Our students learn to think independently, act creatively and adapt effectively to new situations and challenges, enabling them to enjoy fulfilling careers. Our graduates work in many areas including culture, public sector, media, law and business.

Why UCD Arts & Humanities?

UCD Arts & Humanities is Ireland’s leading centre for research, creative practice and innovation. We offer a first-class education in a broad spectrum of disciplines as well as the chance to pursue your interests and develop your profile in a wide range of co- and extra-curricular activities.

Our courses provide opportunities for study abroad, internships, research and project work and our unrivalled choice of subjects can be studied in three distinct BA degrees: Humanities (DN530), BA Modern Languages (DN541) and BA Joint Honours (two subjects, DN520).

Skills, Employability & Careers

Our students gain in-depth subject knowledge in their chosen areas. In addition, they acquire a wealth of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers, including: research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, creativity, communication and writing. We offer students the opportunity to develop their career ambitions through a range of focused employability modules, alumni mentoring, career events and other initiatives.

UCD is ranked number one for graduate employability in Ireland. We are committed to helping our students navigate the rapidly evolving job market and empowering them to find their future. Our graduates play a vital role in intellectual, cultural and business life in Ireland, and work in senior roles across a broad spectrum of industries including: journalism, culture, public sector, law, communications and innovation.



Joint Honours (DN520) [3 Year]

This long established, three-year course gives students the freedom to choose from an unrivalled range of 25 subjects and build their own bespoke degree. Students applying through the CAO select DN520 and choose two subjects. Overall, there are 420 places in DN520. The average number of students taking each subject is shown on the relevant course page.

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Students can add a third subject or choose from a wide range of elective modules at the start of Year 1 during registration. At the end of Year 1, students commit to their two Joint Honours subjects and study these subjects to BA degree level. Popular combinations include: Film Studies and French, Music and Irish, Art History and History, and History and Greek & Roman Civilisation. Students on the BA Joint Honours can choose to spend a full year abroad in Year 3 at one of our partner institutions around the world, making it a 4-year degree. Students who choose this option graduate with a BA International.

Humanities (DN530) [4 Year]

This four-year, innovative, multi-subject degree offers 14 distinct courses. Students applying through the CAO pick DN530 and choose one course. Students learn within a carefully structured framework of related subjects. The BA Humanities has the added benefit of offering different ways to diversify your skills and broaden your horizons.

In third year, students can apply for an internship, study abroad or continue deepening their knowledge by taking UCD modules or undertaking a research project. Overall, there are 270 places in DN530. The average number of students taking each option is shown on the relevant course page.

Modern Languages (DN541) [4 Year]

This four-year degree is designed for students who wish to study at least two languages: French, German, Italian or Spanish. Students applying through the CAO select DN541 and choose two languages. A third language may be added on registration. Students will develop an advanced linguistic ability and a sophisticated level of cultural competence, enabling them to communicate fluently in a broad range of professional and social contexts. In third year, all BA Modern Languages students spend a full year abroad studying at one of our partner universities. This course is ideal for students who enjoy modern languages and want to live and work effectively in a multilingual environments.

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