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Why UCD Business?

The UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business has a long history of innovation to help students meet and shape a changing business and social world. We are committed to leading that edge, not just today but for generations to come. Our ambition is to help set you on your path to make a positive difference in business and society.

At UCD Quinn School we have made a commitment to transformational learning and development through world-class teaching facilities and a dynamic innovative learning experience. You will work with the best business students from around the world, meet some of the world’s leading employers and interact with leading research-active lecturers. Our focus is not only on providing education, but also on the skills necessary to succeed in the working world.

We work to cultivate informed, active, global citizens. You will be challenged and supported to expand your horizons and ambitions as you build strong foundations of business knowledge, with a choice of four business programmes to choose from. You will be part of a global classroom, learning new ways of working, thinking and collaborating – and building friendships that will support you throughout your life and career.

First Year Experience in UCD Business

During your first year, you will learn about the foundations of business, and will be challenged to think critically about its role in society. You will develop your understanding of business theory and practices, and the skills needed for a successful career.

Employers seek graduates with excellent communication, management, leadership and team-work skills, graduates who are problem solvers, independent thinkers and ethically minded. Our courses use business simulations, case studies, presentations, web and blog development and video projects to develop graduates with these attributes.

You will also have ample opportunity to pursue your academic and personal passions through extracurricular activities in clubs and societies, volunteer in community projects or start your own initiative. We actively encourage you to embrace this as an important part of developing your skills, with the ultimate goal to help you build a successful career in business and beyond.

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