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Dean of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy: Prof Hugh Campbell

UCD Architecture Degree Courses

Architecture and Landscape Architecture lie at the heart of innovation and development. If the combination of art and science inspires you, and you are interested in designing buildings or planning the outdoor environment, then Architecture or Landscape Architecture will unleash your creative potential. UCD has the widest range of facilities in Ireland, and the most established and respected courses to ensure that you achieve that potential.

Why UCD Architecture?

  • UCD Architecture is Ireland’s longest-established and most prestigious architecture course. It is the only course of architecture in Ireland that is accredited by the recognised professional institutes of both Ireland (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland – RIAI) and the United Kingdom (Royal Institute of British Architects – RIBA). The School of Architecture is also pursuing accreditation with the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) in the USA.
  • UCD is currently the only university in Ireland to offer an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. This course is accredited by the Irish Landscape Institute (ILI) and recognised by the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA).
  • Our programmes are taught in unique facilities in the Richview/Newstead buildings on the Belfield campus. These include design studios, which are at the heart of both programmes, a well-equipped workshop and building laboratory, exhibition spaces and the best architectural library in the country.
  • The studio programmes are largely taught by practising architects and landscape architects. These include many of the leading figures in their profession, whose work is widely recognised in national and international competitions and awards.

First Year Experience in UCD Architecture

On entering first year you will be introduced to the idea of learning by doing. From the outset, there is a very direct relationship between acquiring knowledge and skills, and applying them. Short exercises are set in the studio to help you acquire skills of observation, analysis and understanding through the media of freehand drawing and model making. As your skills in architectural drawing, model making, surveying, scale and measurement develop, design projects of increasing complexity are introduced in which these skills can be applied.

You will be involved in creative endeavour – proposing, testing and developing design ideas. In fostering this creativity, there is a strong emphasis on group work and learning from your fellow students in a friendly and co-operative environment. Small class sizes, open-space studios and individual and small group tutorials all contribute to an exhilarating educational first year experience.

Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy

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