Guidance Counsellors

As educators, we all share responsibility for the next generation. You as guidance counsellors and we as university lecturers and student support staff all play a part in preparing students for their future lives and careers. Choosing a university course is a major decision in any student’s life and we are acutely aware of the supportive and crucial role you undertake in guiding students on to the next stage of their education.

We are also anxious to provide students with quality information through guidance counsellors’ offices so that they make informed decisions when it comes to making their choices in the CAO system.

Working with you, we hope to open up opportunities for students and to help them choose the course and holistic educational experience that best suits their talents and their interests.

Anne-Marie Harvey
Director of Student Recruitment

Booking a School Tour

We offer Guidance Counsellors the opportunity to organise group visits to the UCD Campus

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