Guidance Counsellors

As educators, we all share responsibility for the next generation. You as guidance counsellors and we as university lecturers and student support staff all play a part in preparing students for their future lives and careers. Choosing a university course is a major decision in any student’s life and we are acutely aware of the supportive and crucial role you undertake in guiding students on to the next stage of their education.

We are also anxious to provide students with quality information through guidance counsellors’ offices so that they make informed decisions when it comes to making their choices in the CAO system.

Working with you, we hope to open up opportunities for students and to help them choose the course and holistic educational experience that best suits their talents and their interests.

Anne-Marie Harvey
Director of Student Recruitment

Re-Imagining UCD Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: new programmes and new opportunities

Associate Professor Marie Clarke
Dean of Undergraduate Studies, University College Dublin.

UCD is committed to providing an educational experience that is holistic, and one that will instil in students a desire to learn and create, to question and reason, to innovate and explore, and to contribute to society at all levels. Our educational values are underpinned by our commitment to the liberal education which reflect the principles of our founder John Henry Newman but in ways which are relevant to a globally connected world. The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have a long and distinguished history in University College Dublin, they are the foundation stones on which UCD was built.

Faculty and graduates in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have made an outstanding contribution to Ireland, from the foundation of the Irish state and throughout its development as a modern country. Today our faculty in these areas are recognised globally through their publications, their research and citations. This is evidenced in the most recent 2017 QS international rankings where UCD is ranked among the top 100 in the world in nine and no 1 in Ireland in sixteen Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences subjects. The most recent First Destination Survey (2016) indicated that over 90% of our graduates from these areas were in employment or further study and the 2017 National Student Survey – Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) indicated that over 85% of students in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in UCD were very happy with their educational experience.

While conscious of our achievements in these areas we remain cognisant of the demands faced by graduates in the national and international context as global citizens and the need to prepare our graduates to work in new and diverse employment contexts. Following an extensive review our new degree programmes in Arts and Humanities and in Social Sciences have been designed to support our students in a structured way while continuing to facilitate choice, providing them with new opportunities to enhance their education and student experience.


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