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Archaeology Psychology
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Geography Social Policy
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Philosophy Sustainability
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Computational Social Science Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Economics, Mathematics & Statistics Social Policy & Sociology

Why UCD Social Sciences?

Why do people behave the way they do? How do social, cultural, political and economic forces shape our lives and the world in which we live?

If these types of questions about society and social relationships spark your interest, prepare to be challenged and fascinated by studying social sciences in UCD. You will examine the nature of our society and the issues confronting humanity, including climate change, crime and violence, social and economic inequality, gender justice, sustainable cities, human development, economic growth and big data.


BSc Economics [Three Years]

BSc Psychology [Three Years]

BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology [Three Years]

BSc Social Sciences [Four Years]

BSc Economics – DN710

The three-year BSc in Economics is a Single-Major degree for students who are focused on studying only economics as a single subject. Graduates often progress to further study to become Economists. When you apply for this degree via the CAO, you choose DN710 BSc Economics.

BSc Psychology – DN720

The three-year BSc in Psychology is a professional degree accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland. You study Psychology in UCD as a single subject degree only. Graduates often progress to further study to become Clinical Psychologists. When you apply for this degree via the CAO, you choose DN720 BSc Psychology.

BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology – DN750

This three-year BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology degree is a Joint Major in Social Policy and Sociology. This degree was previously named the BSocSc in Social Science. Graduates often progress to further study to become social workers or work in Public Policy. When you apply for this degree via the CAO, you choose DN750 BSc Social Policy and Sociology.

BSc Social Sciences – DN700

Social Sciences students explore society and how people behave as individuals and in groups. With the four-year Social Sciences degree, you choose DN700 at CAO and then select your preferred option below. Your subject choices are guaranteed. There are options to change subject choices at the end of first year if you wish. You will gain a deep understanding of each subject you choose to study and develop real world skills in research, communication and leadership. You may additionally apply for an internship, or study abroad for a year or a semester. You will learn to analyse, criticise and challenge beliefs and assumptions – including your own.

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