Undergraduate Courses

DN200 Science: Biological Biomedical & Biomolecular Sciences

Cell & Molecular Biology
Environmental Biology
Plant Biology

DN200 Science: Chemistry & Chemical Sciences

DN200 Science: Mathematical Physical & Geological Sciences

Financial Mathematics
Theoretical Physics

DN201 Computer Science

Computer Science

DN230 Actuarial & Financial Studies

Actuarial & Financial Studies

DN240 Sustainability


Course Videos

Chemists tackle Green Energy question

An iridium-based catalyst under research at UCD may be key to splitting water efficiently to release dioxygen and dihydrogen – considered to be the fuel of the future. Here Professor Martin Albrecht talks about the work of his lab in the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Environmental Biology, Microbiology and Chemistry through Science at UCD

Environmental Biology, Microbiology and Chemistry are just some of the subjects available through Science at UCD. The programme offer subjects in Biological and Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science through Science at UCD

UCD Science is the most diverse programme in Ireland, with options in biological, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences. Here Professor Peter Duffy (Physics), Dr Maria Meehan (Mathematics), and Professor Joe Carthy (Computer Sceience) talk about opportunities in their areas

Physics of the universe

UCD physicist Dr Lorraine Hanlon talks about the sun’s vital role as a giver of life on earth and outlines how astronomers explore the many stars and galaxies in the universe.

Supermassive black hole – European Space Agency satellite @ UCD

Professor David Southwood, Director of the European Space Agency (ESA) Science and Robotic Exploration Programme, observes a 1:4 scale model of XMM-Newton, an ESA earth orbiting satellite observatory, donated to University College Dublin.

The science of oceans: measuring the effects of climate change on the world’s plankton

The Tara, a thirty-six metre schooner which sailed across the world’s oceans for two and a half years to conduct the first ever global study of marine plankton visited Ireland to mark Dublin 2012 City of Science and Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF).

This is UCD: Actuarial and Financial Studies

UCD Actuarial and Financial Studies graduate and keen GAA footballer, Aonghus Mulvihill, discusses how his love of sport, his skills in actuarial maths and an encounter at a UCD careers fair led to him joining Paddy Power as an odds compiler who has since progressed to becoming head of sports risk with the company.

UCD paleontologist Dr David Hone on the long lost cousin of T. rex – Zhuchengtyrannus magnus

Spring 2011: Scientists have identified a new species of gigantic theropod dinosaur, a close relative of T. rex, Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, from fossil skull and jaw bones discovered in China. Here, UCD paleontologist Dr David Hone talks about the discovery

UCD Science: UCD Graduate Dr Ronan Wall on his career as a Rocket Scientist with MOOG ISP

It IS rocket science! UCD Science (Physics) graduate Dr Ronan Wall, speaks about how an original interest in Physics and aeronautics led to his career working as a project manager for prime contractors to the European Space Agency and NASA. His career has spanned Ireland, the UK, Japan and further afield. This year, Ronan’s Dublin-based […]

Why study Science at University College Dublin?

UCD offers the broadest Science programme in Ireland, with undergraduate and graduate courses in biological, biomedical, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences, all delivered by leading academics in the new UCD O’Brien Centre for Science.

Dean of Science: Prof Joe Carthy

UCD Science Degree Courses

If you have a fascination with natural phenomena and find yourself constantly asking “why?” and “how?”, then you’re well on your way to being a scientist. With an exciting and diverse range of subjects, Science at UCD unfolds a universe of career opportunities for students who have an enquiring mind, an ability to solve problems and a desire to explore new worlds.

Why UCD Science?

There is a wide range of career opportunities available to Science graduates. UCD Science graduates are skilled at analysing data, writing reports and solving problems, and are trained to use their own initiative, all qualities that companies are looking for in employees. These skills can be transferred to businesses ranging from biotechnology, conservation and wildlife to IT, finance and forensics.

Many graduates continue their studies to masters or doctoral degree level. Leading UCD institutes and research centres include the UCD Conway Institute, UCD Earth Institute and UCD CASL (Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory). UCD is also home to NovaUCD, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre. Notable successes include the establishment of a range of spin-off companies including Changing Worlds and Lightwave Technologies.


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