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BA (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

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Why is this course for me?

History and Politics is a classic combination of subjects for students looking to investigate the workings of government and society in contemporary and historical perspectives. You will examine why society has changed and seek to understand the issues facing societies across the globe today. Through both subjects, the course will teach you the essential skills of writing, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and assessing data. This course offers an excellent interdisciplinary preparation by combining historical research with political science.

What Will I Study

You will study Irish, European, and world history, engaging with political, cultural, social, and economic aspects of history, and investigating historical change, from the impact of ideas to the role of class, gender, and race. You will also study methods and theories in political science, including international relations and development, while covering a range of areas such as political conflict, sustainability, human rights, political systems and political economy.

First Year

The core first year module is an interdisciplinary module fusing historical and political science approaches to a chosen case study. You will take foundational courses in both history and politics.

First year modules allow you to explore both your chosen subjects widely. In Politics, you will get an opportunity to study contemporary politics, political research, political theory and international relations. History modules range from the medieval to modern and allow you to study Irish, European and global history. This broad approach allows you to explore the full breadth of your subjects and will assist you in specialisation and subject choices in subsequent degree years.

Second Year

In your second year, you will begin to deepen your knowledge by taking core and elective modules in History and Politics. In History, these modules will allow you to focus on particular countries, themes and periods, alongside the core module History Today. In Politics, you will study modules ranging from international relations to human rights, alongside a core research methods module.

Third Year 

You will choose from a range of options that will enable you to broaden your horizons and enrich your academic experience:

  • Apply for a competitive internship in an area that interests you and/or relates to your area of study.
  • Study abroad for a trimester/year to develop your language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture.
  • Deepen your knowledge by studying a dedicated range of History and Politics modules.

Fourth Year

Students take option modules in both subjects in fourth year. The culmination of the course is a capstone project, where you will work closely with a supervisor to complete a dissertation in history, politics, or an interdisciplinary mix of both.

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International Study Opportunities

Students may apply for study abroad opportunities in universities across Europe and worldwide. Both subjects have a network of exchange agreements with partner Universities including: France, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, United States, Italy.

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

Graduates of History and Politics have key skills in research, analysis and communication that are highly valued by employers. History & Politics graduates work across: International Organizations, Broadcasting and Journalism, Business, Civil Service, Law, NGOs, Publishing, Public Relations, Politics, Research, Teaching, Marketing, Policymaking, Tourism, Heritage.

Graduates are eligible to apply for UCD MA and MSc programmes in either History or Politics and International Relations. For more information see www.ucd.ie/graduatestudies.

Other Entry Routes

“Here at UCD I get the chance to study two subjects I enjoy in Ireland’s historical and political capital, learning directly from leading academics in both fields. If you have an interest in History, Politics or International Relations you should apply. Core modules lay down the necessary foundations for further studies. You can also choose option modules pertaining to your interests. In third year you can opt for an internship or study abroad and carry out a dissertation in your final year. This course equips students with invaluable skills and knowledge. I have met so many amazing people. I thoroughly enjoyed my Erasmus year in Paris and my involvement in student societies. I have been inspired to challenge myself and it has been extremely rewarding!”

Lauren Maunsell, Student

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