BA (Hons) (NFQ Level 8) OR BSc (Hons) NFQ Level 8)

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Why is this course for me?

History is the pursuit of how we got here and the stories that we tell ourselves to explain the past. Working from ordinary to extraordinary, local to global, fact to fiction, you’ll develop critical thinking, argument and analysis skills that lie at the heart of careers in media, government, culture and education.

Course Pathways
What Will I Study

You will study Irish, European, and Global History from the medieval to the modern era. You will engage with different aspects of History – political, cultural, social, and economic. You will explore questions and problems, and develop your critical thinking skills and your ability to express your ideas and arguments.

DN 520 Joint Honours

Students who take History as a Joint Honours three-year degree can study History combined with a wide range of different subjects. Explore the past, examine a wide range of periods and topics from around the globe and study the different ways that the past can be understood.

DN530 Humanities

If you take History as a single subject, you will study the modules listed by year. You will also undertake intensive training on research methods, and historiography across the four years. Single Major History students also have the opportunity to apply for an internship in third year and study abroad. In fourth year, you write a dissertation and design your own research programme, under supervision. In addition, you will participate in a dedicated research skills workshop and organise an end of year conference showcase.

First Year

Students can choose from a broadbrange of modules including:

  • Rome to Renaissance
  • The United States from 1776
  • Radicals & Revolutionaries in Global History
  • Ireland’s English Centuries
  • Modern Europe 1500-2000
  • Modern Ireland 1800-2000
  • Ireland’s English Centuries
  • The Making of Modern Ireland, 1800-2000.

In first year, you also will take Creating History, where you study in a small group with a historian, to develop essential critical research and analytical skills.

Second Year

In second year, you begin to specialise in the areas of History that you are most interested in, focussing on particular countries, themes, and periods. Modules include: History Today, Islam & Christianity, Nazi Germany, A History of Anti-Immigration, Living, Loving & Dying in 19th Century Ireland, Global Asia.

Third Year

You deepen your historical interests through our small-group, specialised research-based courses. In weekly two-hour seminars, you will engage in primary source research, deliver class presentations and write your own research project. You also have the option of studying abroad.

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How Will I Study
International Study Opportunities

Students can study at partner institutions across Europe, North America, and Australia. We recommend that students take the opportunity when studying abroad to develop their language skills.

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

History prepares students for a wide range of careers including journalism, business, law, the civil service, diplomacy, NGOs, social media, and teaching.

You can continue to study History at Postgraduate or PhD level, or use your History degree to progress to a wide range of prestigious postgraduate conversion courses.

Other Entry Routes

“The reason I chose to study History at UCD is because of the university’s diversity. UCD is Ireland’s global university with the largest student body, which is something the School of History really reflects. You can study such a wide variety of historical topics that there is absolutely something for everyone here. It never feels intimidating. You don’t really get overwhelmed with the course, and if you do, there is always someone to help you. That is what I love most about the School of History but also UCD at large, everybody is always looking out for you. Studying History at UCD has encouraged me to pursue my interest in different historical periods. This course has inspired me to be more curious about the world we live in and to search for global connections.”

Lilly Schroyen, Student

Contact Information

UCD School of History
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716 8375
Email: history@ucd.ie

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