Course Information

BA (Hons) (NFQ Level 8) OR BSc (Hons) NFQ Level 8)

Full Time - Undergraduate Studies

CAO Code: DN520 BA Joint Honours
CAO Points Range 2019: 336
Length of Course: 3 Years
Average Intake: 420

CAO Code: DN700 BSc Social Sciences
CAO Points Range 2019: 392
Length of Course: 4 Years
Average Intake: 500

Leaving Certificate:

DN520 – O6/H7 in English, Irish, a third language and three other recognised subjects.

DN700 – O6/H7 in English, Irish, Mathematics and three other recognised subjects. Other Entry Routes same as above.

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Why is this course for me?

In today’s world, where language skills are growing in importance, Italian is an exciting language to study. Not only will you enjoy learning Italian, you will also open up excellent career opportunities in many areas of business and society. You will have the opportunity to spend a year studying in Italy, one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating countries.

Italian accepts both beginners and nonbeginners. Opportunities exist for suitably qualified students to spend an extra year abroad at a university in Italy, and graduate with a BA (International). If you wish to reach the level of linguistic proficiency required by employers, we recommend that you opt for the four-year BA International degree. Alternatively, if you wish to study more than one language, with a year abroad, consider DN541 Modern Languages.


Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

Studying Italian opens the door to graduate studies (MA or PhD, in Ireland or abroad) and many careers, including:

  • Careers in organisations including the EU, UN and NGOs
  • Multinationals
  • The Diplomatic Service
  • Communications & Marketinh
  • Hospitality & entertainment industries
  • Teaching, publishing & journalism
  • Translation and interpreting
  • European Commission Administrator
  • Project Officer (EU)
  • Translator
  • Teacher
  • Web Editor
  • Communications Advisor
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Business Manager
  • Commercial Officer
  • Judicial Interpreter
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Copywriter


  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Modern Languages
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc International Business


  • MSc Marketing Practice
  • Masters in Common Law
  • Professional Masters in Education
  • Graduate Entry Medicine

What Will I Study

You will study language modules each year and also choose from a range of literary and cultural modules, including:

  • The Making of Modern Italy
  • Women’s Writing
  • Renaissance Italy
  • Italian Cinema
  • The History of the Italian Language
  • Italian Short Stories.

Language modules are taught in small groups and literature and culture modules are taught through lectures and tutorials.

Assessment is through a combination of continuous assessment and end-of-semester exams.

First Year

  • Italian Language 1a OR Italian Language 1a (non-beginners)
  • Making Italy
  • Italian Language 1b

Popular Joint Major subject combinations include Spanish, Art History, French, English & German.

Second Year

  • Italian Language 2a
  • Italian Language 2b
  • Italian Short Stories
  • Reading Italian Literature
  • Italian Cinema 1940s – 1960s
  • Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio

At the end of second year, convert your degree to a BA (Honours) International by spending a year at one of our partner universities in Italy. Further information on international exchanges is available at and information on Erasmus exchanges is available from the School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics.

Third Year

  • Italian Language 3a
  • Italian Language 3b
  • Politics and Morals in Renaissance Italy
  • Interwar Culture & Poetry
  • 20th Century Italian Women Writers
  • The Story of Italian 2: Modern Age and Today

How Will I Study

Studying Italian (BA Arts)
Studying Italian (BA Humanities)
Languages, Linguistics & Cultures English, European & World Literatures
Studying Italian (BSc Social Sciences) as a minor with one of the following:
Sociology Politics & International Relations

International Study Opportunities

We recommend that after second year, you complete an Erasmus year at an Italian university, including ones at:

  • Cagliari
  • Macerata
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Trento
  • Urbino

Upon completion of your fourth year, you will then be awarded a BA International. Places may be limited and preference will be given to those with better results.


“I chose to study Italian to learn the language which has always interested me, but also to deepen my understanding about Italian culture and its rich history. I am leaving UCD with a passion for Italian, having had an amazing experience in Italy on Erasmus. Since first year I have found that the lecturers and staff in the Italian Department are enthusiastic, patient and dedicated to each student which is essential to the environment, when trying to learn a language. Overall, my experience studying Italian in UCD has been especially positive and I intend to continue learning and studying Italian after graduation.”

Maeve Redmond, French & Italian Graduate

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