Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry)

MVB (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

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Why is this course for me?

With so much competition for entry to Veterinary Medicine from school leavers, many candidates with the necessary aptitude and attitude required to develop productive, professional careers in this area are unable to secure a place. By increasing the number of places available to graduates with appropriate prior learning, and by providing a tailor-made programme over four years for graduate entrants, we have increased student diversity and provided enhanced opportunities for entry.

To apply for this four-year course, you must have completed a degree in biological, biomedical or animal sciences before entry into the course. This graduate entry course is designed to educate future veterinarians to the best international standards in veterinary medicine and to prepare them for careers in professional work, research and public service.

Clinical rotations take place primarily in the UCD Veterinary Hospital in Belfield, which receives a range of pet species, farm animals and horses.

The study of Veterinary Medicine necessitates using animal-derived material in some classes. Any animal tissue used in classes is ethically sourced in full compliance with the university’s ethical review body. Individuals who object unreservedly to the use of animal material in teaching should not enter the veterinary medicine programme.

Course Pathways
What Will I Study

The course is organised over four years. In first year, students will build on their knowledge of the basic biological sciences. You will take modules which demonstrate how this knowledge is applied in the practice of veterinary medicine, and gain a firm grounding in animal welfare, behaviour and handling. A key objective will be to ensure that you have the required knowledge, skills and competencies to progress to second year. Between second and fourth year, you’ll take combined modules with students taking the DN300 degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Eligibility Criteria

The four-year graduate entry programme is open to applicants who:

i) hold an honours degree (NFQ Level 8) in a biological, biomedical or animal science discipline at the level of a 2.2 Honours or above, a Master’s degree or a PhD. (Graduates of any discipline are welcome to apply for entry to the five-year MVB programme. Up to five places will be made available in DN300.)

ii) are EU applicants (i.e. not deemed “Non-EU” applicants for purposes of fees).

Graduate entry candidates will be assessed on a combination of:

i) GAMSAT score

ii) educational performance

iii) a personal statement outlining their motivation to study Veterinary Medicine.

iv) animal handling experience in at least 2 or more species is recommended

v) applicants may be called for an interview

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Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

You can work in mixed, small animal, farm animal or equine practice. You may also obtain further specialist clinical qualifications. Beyond clinical practice, veterinarians play an important role in the protection of public health, in research into diseases of animals and man, and in other areas, such as conservation and wildlife protection. While most graduates work in clinical practice, increasing numbers pursue research in public service or private sector research. This reflects the important role of the veterinarian in animal health control and consumer protection. At present, there is almost complete employment for veterinary graduates.


“Being a part of the UCD veterinary medicine community has been a dream come true for me. The opportunity to travel, meet people from all over the world, and be immersed in the local language and culture are just a few of the highlights for me. Close proximity to the UCD Vet Hospital and access to research projects in the school are reasons why I chose UCD. I identify with UCD’s ‘One Health’ approach to medicine and the pre-clinical and clinical skills I have gained, have helped build my confidence, in my future veterinary medicine career. From day one the staff have all been incredibly welcoming and supportive. I look forward to continuing my education at UCD and I am very grateful for this opportunity!”

Claudia Da Silva, Student

Contact Information

UCD Veterinary Medicine School Office,
Veterinary Sciences Centre,
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716 6100

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