BAgrSc (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

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Why is this course for me?

The Horticulture Programme is your opportunity to make a positive impact on sustainability and climate change. Through sustainable plant cultivation, an increase in plant-based diets, and knowledge of biodiversity and conservation, many of today’s environmental challenges can be overcome.

With a focus on environmentally friendly practices and innovative technologies, this degree equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a competent and confident leader in the horticulture community. By studying core science subjects and specialist horticulture and environment modules, you will gain an understanding of sustainable management of food and ornamental plant production, knowledge of protecting and enhancing biodiversity and habitats, designing and managing landscapes, and the benefits of horticultural therapy.

With opportunities for international study and strong links to the horticulture industry, this programme offers a range of exciting and diverse career paths. Join the Horticulture Programme and become part of the solution to today’s environmental challenges.

Course Pathways
What Will I Study

You’ll study core science subjects in first year, and then develop your horticulture knowledge with specialist modules.

First Year

Core science subjects in the first year, including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and you will develop horticulture knowledge with specialist modules.

Second Year

Build on your horticulture knowledge and skills with lectures, laboratory and field practicals, industry site visits, and you will study soils, ecology, microbiology, biochemistry and business.

Third Year

Further your knowledge in horticulture and science subjects, and undertake Professional Work Experience (PWE) for 5 months in Ireland or abroad. You can also opt to study abroad for one trimester.

Fourth Year

In final year you undertake a capstone research project, carrying out independent, supported research. Study diverse horticulture topics, and develop communication, writing, biostatistical, business and enterprise skills.

Assessment includes continuous assessment, project reports, presentations, written examinations and dissertation.

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International Study Opportunities

All or part of your five-month PWE in third year can be taken abroad, with possibilities including Japan, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Britain and Europe. Studying abroad for one trimester is also a popular option for many students.

  • Cornell University, USA
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • Lincoln University, New Zealand
Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

Career opportunities include:

• Management
• Advisory
• Research
• Policy
• Sales
• Production

Opportunities also exist in state, semi-state, EU and international organisations. Your transferable skills will make you highly employable in other industries.

Master’s and PhD degrees are also available.

Other Entry Routes

“I chose Horticulture at UCD as I have always had an interest in plants and nature. The learning experience at UCD has been hands-on, which is one of many reasons why I have had such a great time here. The practical experience I gained through my Professional Work Experience (PWE) has been invaluable. I worked at a nursery and garden centre, where I continue to work and thoroughly enjoy. PWE is a fantastic opportunity for students to get first-hand experience and see the possibilities when it comes to choosing their future careers. The facilities that are available to students through the UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science includes UCD Lyons Farm, Rosemount Environmental Research Station and modern laboratories alongside very supportive staff who have offered nothing but encouragement throughout my four years here.”

Fiona Curtin, Student

Contact Information

Dr Caroline Elliott-Kingston
e. caroline.elliottkingston@ucd.ie

UCD Agriculture & Food Science School Office
Agriculture & Food Science Centre
Belfield, Dublin 4

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