Applied Mathematics, Mathematics & Education

BSc (Hons) (NFQ Level 8) & MSc (NFQ Level 9)

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Why is this course for me?

If you’re interested in mathematics and applied mathematics, and think you might like to teach these subjects at post-primary level, then this course may be for you. It’s designed so that from the start, you study mathematics and applied mathematics, along with education, in an integrated manner. In third year, you will gain teaching experience by completing placements (which we find for you) in a post-primary school and as a third-level tutor.

The four-year BSc in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics & Education leads directly to the one-year MSc in Mathematics and Science Education. On completion of both degrees, you are fully qualified to teach Applied Mathematics and Mathematics to Higher Level Leaving Certificate Level.

Key Facts:

The five-year course is fully accredited by the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Placements are integrated into this course from first year, with year-long placements at two different post-primary schools during the final two years of the course.

Course Pathways
What Will I Study

This is a sample pathway for Applied Mathematics & Mathematics Education.

First Year

  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Education
  • Elective module

Second Year

  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Education
  • Elective modules

Third Year

  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Education
  • School Placement – one placement in a post-primary school, and one placement as a third-level tutor.
  • Elective modules

Fourth Year

  • Education
  • School Placement
  • Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

Fifth Year

  • Education
  • School Placement
  • Research Project

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Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

After graduating with their BSc, students proceed to the MSc in Mathematics & Science Education.

Placements are integrated into this 5-year course from first year, with all undergraduate placements arranged for you. Care is taken to gradually introduce you to school placements, to enable you to build your knowledge and confidence before teaching a class of pupils.

During the last two years of the course, students complete year-long placements at two different post primary schools. These placements are designed so that students not only obtain teaching experience, but also gain a whole-of-school experience through participating in parent-teacher meetings, timetabling etc. The complete five-year course is fully accredited by the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Other Entry Routes

“I chose UCD Science because I knew I wanted to study Mathematics. I was set on studying pure mathematics but after completing a module on mathematics education, I realised that while I have a love for mathematics, I have a passion for mathematics education and communication. The great thing about this degree is that there are a lot of options available once I graduate. The world of mathematics education and communication is so extensive, and I am keen to be a part of it in many ways. I find teaching very rewarding, so I see myself working in a secondary school to gain experience. I would love to come back to college to pursue a graduate degree and get involved in mathematics education research.”

Deeba Javadpour, Student

Contact Information

Assistant Professor Aoibhinn Ní Shúileabháin
UCD School of Mathematics & Statistics
Belfield, Dublin 4


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